Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Need Work

Feel like you will never get a job? Getting desperate?

Do you need work now?

You have been searching for jobs for hours on end, day after day, but still aren’t having any luck. Maybe you can’t find the right jobs to apply to, can’t get to the interview, or can’t get past the first interview. Whatever it is, there is a solution to those thoughts that are constantly running through your head — “I need work.. and I need work NOW!” We understand what it’s like to need work in order to pay the bills, get health insurance and put dinner on the table for your family. Here are some tips to help you find work now:

1. Look in the right places. If you need to find work, online job boards, such as EmploymentSpot and CareerBuilder, are the easiest ways to find and apply to jobs. You can search by location or industry, or use specific keywords to narrow down your job search as much as possible. It is also smart to look through newspaper help wanted ads for jobs that aren’t being advertised online. Talk to friends, family and neighbors and get the word out that “I need work.” Finally, stop in local businesses with your suit on and resume in hand. Whether or not they have a “Help Wanted” sign on their door, it never hurts to stop in and ask.

2. Perfect your resume. If you need work now and are applying to jobs but aren’t getting any phone calls, maybe your resume needs some helps. Get a second (and third) opinion by having someone with good judgment review your resume. Spelling and grammar errors are the first thing to look for. Next, focus on the layout of your resume. The easier it is to read and understand, the more likely it is that an employer will take the time to look it over. Finally, pay attention to the wording and order of the items in your resume. Most people use a chronological format, but if your most recent or current job has nothing to do with the job you are applying to, this may not be the best method. Also, doing something as simple as rewording your bullet points by making them more active and descriptive can help you find work now, helping your resume go from the bad pile to the good pile. What you say in your resume and how it looks can make all the difference in getting a job.

Current Employment Opportunities

3. Don’t forget a cover letter. Many employers will throw away resumes that do not come with a cover letter. No matter how much of a hassle it seems, if you really need work now, writing a cover letter could be your key to landing the interview. By taking the time to write a cover letter, it shows the employer that you are truly interested in the job. Employers can tell when you mass-mail resumes and use the same cover letter template for each job application, so it is important to address the specific job requirements in each cover letter and write about how your skills and experience relate to fulfilling those requirements. Your cover letter is the place to sell yourself, especially if you are lacking experience on your resume.

4. Master the interview. First of all, if you are headed to an interview, it means that you did something right. The first thing to remember in interviews is to show the employer what you can do for their company. When asked why you want the job, it probably isn’t smart to say to the HR manager, “I need work.” This shows that you are only thinking about yourself. Instead of saying why you need them, tell the company why they need to hire you. It is important to be prepared for interviews and know what questions to expect. For example, have some idea of how you would answer the infamous “So, tell me about yourself” and “Why do you want to work for [insert company name here]” questions. For interview help, check out “Interview Tips to Get the Job.” For more interview tips straight from the employers, check out “Master the Interview: Insight from the Inside” and “Hiring Manager Secrets: The 5 Smartest Interview Moves.”.

5. Be professional. If you are still saying to yourself, “I need work,” then maybe you aren’t as professional as you think you are. How is your phone and e-mail etiquette? How are you behaving during the interview? How are you dressing for the interview? These may seem small in comparison to the skills you have to offer, but a lack of professionalism is a warning for employers. First impressions make all the difference in the working world, so when you need to find work you must act and look your best.

6. Stand out from the crowd. Standing out from the crowd does not mean submitting a hot pink resume — it means differentiating yourself. Employers want to see why you are better than the other 100 applicants applying to this job. Imagine that you all have the same work experience and education. What is it about you that makes you different — and better — from the rest? Find out what this is and sell yourself with it. For example, everyone in sales is friendly (or at least they should be), so how do you go above and beyond to find more clients and secure the most sales?

If you are still saying to yourself (and everyone you know), “I need work,” consider starting out in an entry-level job. Or, maybe you just aren’t in the right place at the right time. If you need work and are willing to move, look for jobs in other cities and states. Maybe you will be lucky enough to have your employer pay for you to relocate! Here are some of the states with the best prospects for employment:

Go to a career fair. If your resume isn’t getting you in the door, attending a career fair gives you face-to-face time with employers. Show a genuine interest in the company and ask lots of questions before telling them about yourself and what you are looking for. This is you chance to make a lasting impression!

After all this, do you still need to find work? Make sure there isn’t something you are overlooking. Is there a chance that you are unemployable? Read this article to find out: “Are You Unemployable?”

Do you already have a job but need more work? Consider taking an extra job on nights or weekends. While not the ideal situation, it may be a temporary solution if you need more work to get you through some tough times. Look into working somewhere that is open on nights and weekends, such as in retail or food service. You may also enjoy the entertainment industry, such as working at a casino or being an usher or concessions worker at a music or sports venue. If you need more work you can also pick up some extra hours by working in security, construction and general labor. These are all great jobs if you need more work because they allow for flexibility so you can continue at your current job.

Do you need work but aren’t sure where to start? Find out what job is right for you by exploring these different industries:

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