Saturday, January 8, 2011

Earn 35$ Per Hour From These 15 Jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that some professions are pay very handy amount on hourly basses. Today we tell you 15 jobs where workers are get paid over 35$ per hour minimum wages. This is very good wages on hourly basses. Now we provide you the list of that 15 jobs where you can earn 35$ per hour.

1. Post-Secondary Communications Teachers teach courses on different types of communications (journalism and advertising, for example) at universities and colleges.

Hourly pay: $39.96

2. Post-Secondary Education and Library Science Teachers teach education and library science courses at universities, colleges and other higher education institutions.

Hourly pay: $39.91

3. Purchasing Managers make purchases on behalf of organizations in order to get needed supplies at the best rates.

Hourly pay: $39.80

4. Environmental Engineers study environmental problems, such as air and water pollution, and design solutions that governments and the general population can put into practice.

Hourly pay: $39.72

5. Post-Secondary Chemistry Teachers educate college and university students on chemistry and related subjects.

Hourly pay: $39.47

6. Animal Scientists Study the life cycle and related biological issues of farm animals.

Hourly pay: $39.02

7. Chemical Engineers are involved in the production of chemicals and in trouble-shooting any problems that arise in their manufacturing.

Hourly pay: $38.88

8. Industrial Production Managers oversee the planning and production of manufactured goods.

Hourly pay: $38.60

9. Physician Assistants Work under a physician's guidance to provide health-care services to patients.

Hourly pay: $37.84

10. Medical and Health Services Managers oversee and manage the business needs of health care facilities or departments.

Hourly pay: $37.82

11. Post-Secondary Education Administrators are responsible for managing the everyday operations of educational facilities.

Hourly pay: $37.51

12. Operations Research Analysts study issues relating to management and operations through engineering and other scientific methods.

Hourly pay: $36.57

13. Post-Secondary Art, Drama and Music Teachers teach courses in their respective fields at universities and colleges.

Hourly pay: $36.50

14. Food Scientists and Technologists analyze the composition and properties of food.

Hourly pay: $35.43

15. Nuclear Technicians work with scientists on research and experiments relating to nuclear physics.

Hourly pay: $35.23

*Salary information based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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